Time is
always now

From the encounter between the designer Rodolfo Delchiaro and Barbara Ferruzzi, visionary daughter of Gino, a collection is born that has no time and knows no seasons. Every single creation takes care of proportions and functionality in order to obtain objects that are always current and perfect for every occasion. The refined palette and never predictable, sometimes risky, combinations create versatile and iconic bags.

Mastery and Matter

Gino Ferruzzi bags are a hymn to the creative joy of those who only make upward choices.

Elements of classic high leather goods executed with rigor – the fire brand line, the hand chained seem , the humpback rib – can only be offered in the collection thanks to the inestimable expertise of local workers and the decision to limit the quantities produced.

The processes are carried out exclusively on the highest quality materials, selected from the best Italian tanneries with the desire to give new air to tradition.

Choices that matter

Gino Ferruzzi works exclusively with leather from food industry waste, treated by Italian tanneries, without chrome and colored with natural tannins.

The two main supply areas are the district of Santa Croce sull’Arno between Florence and Pisa, known since the thirteenth century, and the Campania district of Solofra, in which dozens of tanneries already existed in the seventeenth century.

The key pattern that distinguishes many of the Gino Ferruzzi bags is the symbol of the sustainability that characterizes the brand.

This particular process not only has an aesthetic value, but allows to optimize the use of materials avoiding waste and helping to produce better, consuming less.