An italian love story

The future Ferruzzi couple meet in a leather shop in Florence around the mid-1970s. He comes from the shoe industry, she comes from embroidery. They both left their previous jobs because they felt a deep need for something new and growth.

Two universes of high Italian manufacturing are therefore measured on a new playing field. They fall in love and decide to start this journey by themselves. It is 1978.

We do what makes us Happy

At the beginning, the Ferruzzi leather goods created bags on behalf of third parties working for the great brand that fed the entire Florentine supply chain of the time, but the turning point was not long to come. The two begin to meet well-known designers and convince one of them to design for them.

The first sales under the Gino Ferruzzi brand take place in hotels in Florence, where the public, especially Japanese, is looking for stylistic and executive perfection.

The secret
is stay faithful

Gino Ferruzzi bags are appreciated and brought everywhere. From the first three stores in Florence, it soon reaches 1300 customers all over the world. From hotel suites to international trade fairs.

The secret of success? Never betray your past.
The maison decides to maintain despite the possibilities offered by global markets a limited production and its own in-house pattern making.

and Having

Master Gino Ferruzzi is still at the lead of the company today, with only one mission: to keep alive the Florentine artisan tradition, the one that creates true luxury with its own hands. Durable, timeless, flawless.

Leathers, materials, designs are exclusively Italian. Production is internal. Each executive choice is made with the true objective of extreme quality, without compromise.